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PUBLISHED 01 July 2022
SERVICE Web App Development
INDUSTRY Insurance

Insurance Broker Limited

“Trust this friend”

InsureFriend Broker Co., Ltd. has been providing automotive services for over 15 years. We are ready to provide insurance services, including car insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance, travel insurance, and other non-life insurance, to all customers in a one-stop service. We have a large base of customers who are confident in the quality of our products and services.

Trust our safety and professionalism

Buying insurance through a broker is like having a personal assistant to help you choose car insurance. It saves you time from searching for information because car insurance policies have a lot of details and products from different companies can be quite different. A good insurance broker will take care of selecting and providing good products and services, as well as presenting the highest benefits to customers.

A trustworthy broker will have a license number from the OIC. This is important because it means that the broker is qualified to sell insurance and that customers will be protected in the event of a claim.

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