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Develop and optimize the website's UX/UI to make it looks more modern and accessible as well as upgrade the website to the latest code version for future website development.

  • The system supports for adding car models.
  • Show outstanding innovation and technology.
  • Calculate the cost-effectiveness of using the MG electric vehicle.
  • Find a charging station near you.
  • Test drive booking system
SERVICE Web App Development
INDUSTRY Corporate Website

Add unlimited new car models

Develop a system to support adding the latest car models. Image and website content can be managed with a CMS system. (Content Management System)

Users of the website can view the details of the car and submit a request for a test drive of the model they are interested in. Users can download brochures and request a quote.

Distinctive design and unrivaled innovation

Reinforcing its leadership in smart vehicles that can meet the needs and enhance the quality life of customers with the best innovation and technology.

  • i-SMART
  • Brit Dyamic
  • Innovation of EV
  • ADAS

Calculate the wealthiness by yourself.

Just enter the distance traveled per month (kilometers) and you can compare the cost savings per month of the MG and conventional cars.

Find a charging station near you.

Today, MG is ready to expand its network of fast charging stations under the name MG SUPER CHARGE, with 600 MG dealers ready to serve nationwide. You will be able to use the electric charging station every 150 km by following these 3 simple stpes:

  • choose service provider
  • charging type
  • select a province or search for nearby charging stations.

Be the first to test drive the new MG model.

Develop a car booking system to find and identify the closest MG showroom based on the user's location with Google's navigation system.