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Prompt Legal service is an online Company registration platform in which user can easily register by just filling in the information into 7 steps and there will be lawyers who will be helping and taking care user in every steps.

Published 01 July 2022
Service Web App Development
Industry Legal

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Easy to use and modernized design

ECustomers can get started simply by pressing the Get Started button and register by using E-mail. If the client has any problems or questions during the Company registration, the client can use the real-time chat system to ask the incharge lawyer anytime. This chat system was developed by the company's development team. Other than Chat, clients can upload files and images to the chat as well.

Identity Verification

In opening a company, the company's directors must verify their identity. This authentication system was built by Codediva's development team.

Customers can choose an option of taking photo, upload photo from their mobile phone or as a file as well.

Dynamic system

Since the shareholders in a company may have more than 3 people, the development team has developed a function to add people dynamically and unlimitedly.

User Management System

On the lawyer side, there may be several levels. The development team therefore developed a system that can separate access rights and work of each lawyers at different level.

Smart Save System

Company registration requires detailed information and several steps. The development team has created an Auto Save system for customers when the customer fills in any step, the system will save the filled in information automatically. And if the client stops filling in the information halfway, the client can fill in information in other sections without having to worry that the information entered will not be saved.