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Swensen's Thailand is a subsidiary of Minor Food Group. There is an e-commerce site for ordering Swensen's products such as ice cream cakes, quarts, scoops and vouchers. In addition, customers can also register a membership card on the website to receive special privileges before anyone else.

  • Registration system to receive many benefits
  • Vouchers can be purchased online.
  • A wide variety of products ready to be delivered to your home.
  • Purchase order successfully in just a few steps.
  • Several payment options.
  • Check the delivery status real-time.
SERVICE Web App Development
INDUSTRY E-commerce


Deliver happiness to your front door


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Register for special privileges

Super special! For Swensen's members, the more you eat, the more you earn, the more worthwhile. Anyone can apply. Easy to use and convenient together with benefits for special people like you.

Click to http://www.swensens1112.com. For those who do not have a code, they must register first or if they have already registered, click on “Log in” to access the online ordering system.

Purchase order successfully in just few steps.

Select the menu to order by clicking “Online Menu”

  • Choose the item you want to order, the options are - Ice cream cake - Quat ice cream
  • Select the item that you want to add to the “Basket” below.
  • Once you have selected the desired item, click “Confirm Shipment”.
  • Check the shopping list again
  • Select the “Branch that is convenient for delivery” and “Payment Method”, then click ”Confirm” to complete the transaction once again.
  • The transaction process is complete.

Check the delivery status real-time

Once the order has been successfully placed, the system will display the delivery map of the origin and destination. The customer can see the delivery status in real time and when the delivery is successful, there will be an SMS notification of successful delivery with a link attached to the customer. Drivers can be rated to improve future service.