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The new version of Principal TH application is easy to open an account from Principal Asset Management Co., Ltd.

  • Designed to serve a better user experience than ever.
  • Easy to open an account, take only a few steps to verify your identity.
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Support all mobile phones with operating systems of iOS Version 11.0 or higher and Android Version 5.0 or higher.

PUBLISHED 01 January 2021
SERVICE Web App Development & Mobile App Development

How to use
Thai id Pass Application

Read and verify ID card information.

Easy to use by just opening the Thai id Pass application then pressing the menu “read the ID card”. Then select the card reading device and connect the app to the card reader. Plug in your ID card and press "Check Dopa Database". The system will check the information with the Department of Provincial Administration and then the details and the status of the ID card appear.

Read and verify passport

Just bring up your mobile phone that supports NFC, then take a picture of the first page of the passport with the Thai id Pass application, then place the mobile phone on the back of the passport to scan the NFC. The system will read and verify along with showing passport information quickly and accurately.

Support ios & Android

There are a variety of card reader devices that you can choose from according to your needs.

  • Micro-USB ACR39U-ND
  • USB-Type-C ACR39U-NF
  • Bluetooth ACR3901U-S1
  • Read

    Able to read and record all versions of the ID card of the Department of Provincial Administration including passport


    ID card with the Department of Provincial Administration to verify that the card has not been forged


    Improved account opening process for investors and brokers.

    High quality and precise

    In addition to displaying information on the identity card, it can also show the status of the card, such as expired cards, lifetime cards, incorrect information, etc.

    Convenient anytime, anywhere

    All you need is a mobile phone or tablet that supports iOS or Android operating system along with an ID card reader, you can use it as whenever you want.

    suitable for
    Government system / Private business / Telecommunication business and Mobile phone electronic commerce system / Membership card system / Darious security systems